Italian Trulli

“We are committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do"

Our products and service gives a unique opportunity to create positive change in affordable way, to grow our business, and to achieve our purpose of making sustainable living and bringing equal opportunity and availability for all.

Italian Trulli


A south Indian curry expert, arrived to serve deliciousness with health from the world of Gravies


One stop solutions for all your home based daily needs! Life to dining now made in a single click!

Italian Trulli


Get your hometown style of dish anywhere you go and earn money from your passion with Cokume now!

What we do

We make products that people need and love and that make a difference in their day to day life. Either it may be Nutritious foods, Household essentials or gravies or healthy essentials everything made Affordable and available at your convenience!

What we make

We use insight and innovation to make sure these products and service perform for consumers. And we make sure that our products and service take action on the issues that consumers care about.

Why we do it

We want our business to flourish, and we know that our success depends on others flourishing around us. That's why our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace, and why sustainable, long-term growth is at the heart of our business model.

The world doesn’t stand still – and neither do we.

Not only do we embrace change, we also seek to make it.

That applies to our brands – which achieve positive change through their purpose and value chains.

It also applies to our business – which we are making future-fit, faster and more flexible.

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Are you a person who is looking for opportunity to prove yourself?

Are you a person who wants to do something for the society and also get benefitted out of it?

Are you a person who can see opportunity in every problem and love to solve the problem?

Are you a job seeker with passion for doing something big?

Are you passionate to explore the real experience of a job that add value to people’s life around you?

Your search ends here with Cokume!

Well, we have room for all your skills, talents and expectations. The way Cokume strives efficiently to provide an opportunity that creates a job platform for its people to join with and at the same time you can add value to the people around you!

Now earning made easy with your passion for Cokume, contact us and join the Journey of Cokume!

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