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Whenever the world thinks digital! It is only the big Corporates or companies in the market we remember to shop with! But what about the small and local sellers?

Is there any way that the local sellers can carry on their business digitally! Which can help them to get connected and go online with the digital platform!

Yes! Cokume has came into existence amid the pandemic situation, where this is the high time or any business is to go online and its quality time for the local sellers to take the responsible role! This situation has slowly became new normal usually people tend to shop securely with nearby stores, now small and local sellers can make use of their opportunity, GO!! Online and digital by listing their grocery, fruits, vegetables and daily essential products with Cokume platform!

What more Cokume gives?

Cokume bring back the golden period of neighborhood bonding with the local shops and the consumers that was practiced once, where majority of the sale happens with the trust which customers had on shop, and that is ensured with quality and visible eyes ordering. The purchasing with the shop who is known to you for years and years in your location and those who have analyzed your credentials and your needs better!

Why now?

We all knew the world is undergoing a tough time now, It is the time where we help each other adapting a healthy life and uplift the economy of local seller when you can find the best quality of daily essential products from them at online itself! At the same time you can spend comparatively lesser cost, since they were the one who once bought the whole market in their shop according to your purchasing capacity, why can’t we give them a oportunity when they are digitally step forward to bring in the traditional bonding with cent percent quality and transparent service.

What more, you can give them a hand to hand, entrusting the cordial relationship and the revival of traditional shopping with a digital platform!

Think better and grow better with Cokume!

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