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Are we really gaining or loosing online offers!

Is online buying is boom or bang!

IAccording to a study, it is been found that people are indirectly buying upto 30% more on their cart value during offers. This may seem attractive and cost-saving but when we analyze it is been found that people are purchasing more than what it is required due to the offer. Thus, indirectly offers make the purchase more, this increases over all average spending of the customer. It6 is always wise to think before what we want to buy.

It is also found that the pricing of the products and the offers given where placed after the huge data study, which makes a psychological pricing whi9ch creates urge in the minds of the people to buy it. The indirect pressure of pu8rchase made in the minds of the customers creates no room for them to think anything other than the offer! because of the limited time delays.

On a wider study, across the globe many of this super-market and hyper-market store use this strategy to reduce their overstocks by6 giving combos, so where the combos were planned in the basis of societal, cultural and contemporary behavior of the people, which makes the deal successful! So the best guidance will be to create a list of things to be bought, strict to the list, never buy anything unless until it is required, never buy this just because for an offer, you may not be required it in the later.

Traditionally, the purchases made by the people from the nearby shops, tend to spend less because of the value and also the knowledge of the customer by the shopkeeper, majority of the times the products will be below the MRP. SO if you calculate the overall expenditure or the spending you itself can come out with the understanding that because of online deals and offers you have spent marginally higher value of amount than your usual spending!

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