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1. Is it compulsary to register my account? why?

Yes, it is compulsary to make registration or create an account with cokume grocery, when you need to place orders for delivery. In such way we collect your name, address and contact details to ensure the right delivery of ordered products, for further clarity kindly refer to the terms of conditions enlisted.

2. Do I have to login everytime?

No, once you created the account with Cokume grocery , you can save your details and give the option remember me to avail free logins everytime.

3. Can a user have multiple accounts?

No, cokume grocery encourages the users to associate with only one account with his/her name or contact number, the user cannot have multiple login id at a time.

4. Can i add more than one delivery address to my account?

Yes, you can add plural delivery addresses but on placing the order the user must be careful with the necessary delivery address, that it may incur him/her charges on updating with wrong delivery address on ongoing orders.

5. Can i change my account passowrd?

You can change your account password in settings, where you should enable the otp to reach your device through mail or message and enables you to reset the password therein.

6. How many hours does the delivery take?

Cokume grocery enables you with fast delivery or normal delivery mode where you can get the delivery of the orders within stipulated period of time, on any change of delivery time, you may be informed accordingly by cokume grocery customer support team.

7. Can i cancel my order anytime?

Cancellation of order can be made by the user but cokume grocery does not encourage it everytime, the user can cancel the order according to the norms fixed by Cokume, once the delivery is cancelled the user will be confirmed through message.

8. Is there any charges?

Yes, there is charges for cancellation of delivery orders, and also we levy charges when the delivery address mentioned by the user is wrong or inaccurate and opted for redelivery.

9. How to contact customer care?

You can revert us through mail on any statemental queries or chat our customer care at 365 days as provided in the contact us option of the cokume grocery app.

10. What are the modes of payment?

The user can either pay using the debit or credit card to make the payment, or use any platform supported by the cokume grocery like googlepay, amazon pay, rupay... or can also avail cash on delivery service(COD).

11. How many days it takes to refund my money on cancellation of delivery?

It takes 2 to 3 days to make your refund of money successfull, where the cokume grocery collects only the cancellation charges for delivery service.

12. Can i pick my ordered products on own?

Yes, you can order the products from online and set up the delivery option as own pick up mentioning the time or date, you can visit the shop and take your ordered products home.

13. Do i have to pay any security deposit before placing orders?

No, Cokume does not collect any kind of security deposit at present.